Accelerating Business Success

Point-to-Point and Beyond

Transport Infrastructure Empowering Evolving Business Technology

The continued growth of cloud computing, 5G, IoT, and artificial intelligence is driving the need for additional compute and bandwidth between data centers.  To meet this increase in demand, data centers and enterprise organizations are already planning for and deploying high-capacity transport infrastructure, including 100G and 400G wavelength services. 

FiberLight’s low-latency transport grows with your data needs.

Wavelength Services Optimize Data Transport for Business Networks

FiberLight’s Wavelength Services are dedicated solutions for businesses with latency-sensitive, data-intensive applications. Ideal for organizations managing large data transfers between data centers and intricate IT applications, our private fiber connections ensure swift, reliable, and secure data transport. These versatile services operate at varying speeds, providing cost-effective solutions across metro and long-haul networks. Trust in FiberLight for committed, private point-to-point network services, securing a scalable foundation for evolving connectivity needs.

Wavelength Features

  • Private, secure, dedicated service delivery
  • High-volume Layer 1 optical transport of LAN PHY, WAN PHY, or OTU options to meet native data transport needs
  • Bandwidth speeds of 10, 100, 400Gbps Ethernet, OTU2, and OTU4 
  • Data center and cloud service provider connectivity
  • Custom path options available to achieve latency and diversity

Wavelength Services Key Benefits

Speed and Performance

Wavelength services from FiberLight propel business performance with high-speed, low-latency connectivity, optimizing end-user applications. This dedicated bandwidth not only supports multiple workloads and datasets efficiently but also enhances real-time collaboration, responsiveness, and overall user experience. The benefits extend to improved agility, better decision-making with up-to-the-minute data, and a competitive edge in rapidly evolving markets.

Business Continuity

Wavelength services play a crucial role in maintaining business continuity, connecting applications and systems seamlessly across diverse data centers. This uninterrupted flow is achieved through the design of wavelengths, incorporating a diversified and redundant architecture. With a focus on network redundancy and resilience, FiberLight’s Wavelength services provide businesses with the assurance of uninterrupted operations, protecting against potential disruptions.


Wavelength services deliver private, secure, and reliable networking solutions, providing dedicated bandwidth tailored to meet the most demanding business requirements. Operating within a secure and isolated environment, these services prioritize data integrity and minimize the risk of disruptions. Clients can depend on our wavelength services for consistent, high-performance connectivity crucial for mission-critical applications and data-sensitive operations.

Customization and Diversification

FiberLight’s Wavelength services enable customization and diversity, shaped to meet the unique needs of businesses. Leveraging FiberLight’s dense fiber-optic network and DWDM (dense wave division multiplexing) infrastructure, solutions are designed to optimize business application performance and ensure availability. With multiple network paths between data centers, clients benefit from a robust and flexible connectivity framework, offering both fitted design to enhance their operational applications and requirements.

Optimum Business Cases

  • Facilitating seamless Enterprise High Volume Data Replication between data centers.
  • Ensuring Mobile Network Operator (MNO) MTSO connectivity to data centers for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Empowering FTTH or WISP backhaul from provider service areas to data centers for streamlined connectivity.
  • Establishing high-speed network trunking between major manufacturing plants and data centers to optimize data flow.
  • Providing dedicated network connectivity to cloud service providers, ensuring reliable and efficient communication.

We are always working with new clients who will require additional network connections into the Carrier-1 facility. FiberLight is at the top of our list to either resell their services or recommend for direct services.

Trey Berndt

Executive Vice President, Carrier-1 Data Centers